Monday, May 9, 2011

Copycat (like that's a bad thing)

I have no original ideas.  I steal ideas everywhere.  Let this be my formal apology to Ashli

Ashli. I'm sorry.  I'm a thief.  But thanks to you, the living room is coming along quite nicely. Keep up the good work!  Try not to go so super fast though with your decorating - it is very hard for me to keep up!

So...this is Ashli's room that has been featured on numerous posts lately...isn't it great? The best word (and compliment) that i can come up with is that it's CRISP.  I love crisp. Maybe because with 3 children, a husband, 3 cats, 2 fish and 2 weird, gross tree frogs that my boys have brought in the house - crisp is always eluding me.

I heart this room. Absolutely everything in it I adore.  I went on a hunt for that darn clock and Urban Home doesn't sell it anymore... but i finally located one on amazon. Love me Amazon. That one click purchase option - that's going to bankrupt me for sure.  I've used it like 3 times this past week.  D.A.N.G.E.R.O.U.S.  

Anyway - i love her style.  I wanted to take it, throw some tropical vibe into the color scheme, being a Florida girl.  But it's taking me forever.  Here is where we are today.  Tell me - would you paint the clock white? or keep it dark?  And yes, it's off-center because my plan was to mimic this sweet child's look right down to the pictures on the right of her clock. I would just have 3 instead of 2.

So...does it stay bronze...or does it go white? If it goes white...the frames will be white.  If it stays bronze...the frames will match the coffee table/chest...

Need blinds in windows, throw rug on floor....hate the lampshade.  And yes, the clock is GINORMOUS. 50" across. Huge, i'm tellin' ya.

White...bronze....? Also..keep in mind i have barstools that are being delivered today that are white that will be just to the right of where this pic cuts off, and we're putting white crown in the room.  


  1. Your room is lookin so GORGEOUS my friend! I love the wall color and I think yours already looks "crisp". :-) I love the clock staying bronze because it is a nice pop of something darker amidst the lighter tones. You done good girl!

  2. Awe, I am super blushing, I'm so happy you like our living room! I am flattered to the max :) haha
    You know I think I would keep the clock bronze, because of all your fabulous white furniture :) I like how it brings the coffee table up on to the wall (sorry that was bad wording, you know what I mean haha)

    p.s. I like your clock more :) It's a bit dainty-er than ours, very chic!

  3. I love YOUR style chicka. I love what V has done with the fireplace / built ins and I love what you have done with the blue slippy covered beachy keen vibe. Someday I'm gonna be sitting on that couch, sippin some white wine.

    Can't help you on the clock - I love both looks. So I say keep it for awhile and see what it says.

    So glad you are a postin'!

  4. i think that clock would look so fabulous in white! Your room is looking very crisp for sure!

  5. (Hope this doesn't end up being a double post; something heppened when I submitted.)
    I'm voting bronze. I love the idea of your built-in architectural elements (mantel, bookcases, crown molding) being white and your accents being darker. Love the mix, either way! And your room and Ashli's are both just wonderful! You steal good!

  6. I love your living room and kitchen!