Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up.

We had a wonderful weekend, time spent at our favorite nursery of all owned....they serve breakfast stuff and lunch stuff at a snack stand so we kind of make it a 'date'...

walking around with our coffee, taking in all the colors.  I can't describe how it makes me feel - except that i think maybe it's kind of like when you were small and got a brand new box of crayons....staring at fresh colors and blank paper....yeah.  That's it.

These pots are tall. Or I'm short.  That red one reached my shoulderI wanted to carry one of those turquoise pots home but i had to choose - groceries for the month, or one beautiful pot.  Darn those children that want food like 3 times day.  

Here's a few shots from last weekend too - camping with my son and a some other family friends at a wonderful place called "Wallaby Ranch".  It's a hang gliding ranch where you can rent a weekend cabin - in the smallest, cutest cabins ever - and learn to hang glide.  

My friend Lori has over 400 hours logged hang gliding.  Yea, I'm in awe.  I will never do that. ever.  Especially when this dude landed and then said "i thought i was going to be up there forever..."

I instead focused on all the pretty scenery. Florida has some beautiful, unspoiled land.

    And look at these sweet cottages you can rent....

and many swings to unwind on....

 We didn't rent cabins, we "tented" it - that's our line of tents you see in the background up there.  And they called us to dinner by ringing the bell in this bell tower.  Very cool.

Sarah comes home on Spring Break this week and the boys come home from their dad's tomorrow and life gets very full, very quick, and i love every minute of it.  

They start ripping the oaks out of the back yard tomorrow for the pool and i'm a little saddened by it.  It's hard for me to justify killing something older than me for my own selfish wants.

We're having neighbors over for wings and sliders and games Friday night - so i'm looking forward to that.

What's everyone else up to?  Anyone trying any new recipes or diving into any new projects? 


  1. What a fun weekend! We had lots of sunshine here too and that definitely got us outdoors and dreaming of what we are going to work on as the weather gets warmer. Meanwhile, indoor projects keep comin'...chair rails and beadboard are what is going on at our house right now! :-)

  2. Love the weekend, friend. Thanks for your love. You are a dream emailer, just when I need it.

  3. What is it with kids and eating? I could do so much more to the house if they only ate once, maybe twice a day :)

    That little cabin is just too cute Sheri.

  4. I totally want to rent one of those cottage,trouble is,i'm here in the USA!!
    just foud you through invisible blog:0)

  5. holey bananas! You live in the land of the giant pots!