Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rome wasn't built in a day, ya know.

That's my mother's voice.  I think I hear her say that to me, oh, at least once a week.  It's my fault really.  We get on the phone to catch up and she asks what we're up to with the house stuff and I give her the running list, and that's always what she says back.  And it's aggravating.  But, she's right.  Which is even more aggravating.  You know what they say, if it's not one thing, it's your mother.


The shower re-caulk job is done and I seriously JUST finished re-grouting the shower floor.  So i can mark that off my list - and i promise to take some pics soon of that room.  But I've got yet another HUGE project that started this week.  The good news is that we're not doing it ourselves. 

Wanna see what we've started?...It's pretty cool....literally.

 This is our big gift to the kids and ourselves.  And i think i'm in love.  This is pool mock up our builder provided that we approved....only to change it later.  Small changes though - nothing big - this is the general idea.

Now i'm spending my nights trying to decide what plants to plant around it.  And while the kids are excited about having a pool - i'm actually more excited about landscaping it - is that weird?

While V watched hockey last night, I spent my night with this cute man...

At least in the virtual world. Kind of.  I spent hours going thru his blog and his website

He is one talented southern boy.  A gardener by trade who started doing events, and ohmyword can he cook - i have copied down several recipes that just remind me of my grandmother.  

You can get lost in all of his gorgeous pictures.

 On another note...and one more project - the beadboard went up in the guest bath and the doors were trimmed out as well -and both have been painted.  I would show you a picture of THAT too but the man painted everything in his path and i need to go back and re-paint the wall where they meet.  

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  1. i'm really really trying not to be jealous. I'm having such a hard time with the rain anymore. I get so sick of doing everything in the rain. Plus your neighborhood is so pretty if that one house you posted with the toilet is any indication! Your pool will be so beautiful!! You should do an orange tree so that you can think of me. :)