Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Update on the pool at Casa Kibler....

I have not been the best blogger of late.  

Sporadic posts.  

No pics of wonderful new uses for burlap fabric or feed sacks.  

Spring cleaning...? I did it - was i the diligent blogger and post pics and provide....nope.  I blog hopped and read some great ones though!

I've been pool planning...researching for the landscape...basically just day dreaming over pictures like this...

and this...

Because our house is a creamy beige with a rust roof, it goes great with burnt red and turquoise accent i'm envisioning lots of color filled pots around the pool.  

We picked out our pavers for the deck...

and debated over tile color fo the water's edge...(we went with the bottom right's much bluer than what it appears here though)

So, while we've been doing that - this is what was going on in our backyard...upper left corner to bottom right corner is progress during week 2 and week 3.  The first week after signing the contract was permit pulling progress - and just prepping the yard.  So 3 weeks in and we're tiling, plumbing, and running electric this week!  We are super excited around here!


  1. You certainly have been busy. Looks like you might have it all finished to enjoy this summer. I just know it's going to be beautiful. Love that tile. So excited to see the finished space. I've been a follower for awhile, but I'm not sure you're following me. Would love to have you if you aren't already.

  2. Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much is done! I feel like just yesterday you broke the news! And I love what you've picked out. No worries, I'm not cooking up any burlap projects on this side of the hemisphere either. Spring cleaning? I skipped right over spring, went straight to summer and hopefully am about to be in winter.

    Peace out sista.

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to see how it turns out...can I come over and lounge by it with you? :-)

  4. Sheri,
    Looks like it's coming along and will be ready for swimming soon! Those inspiration photos are beautiful, some good ideas there. I know it will be wonderful when you are done, can't wait to see photos of the finished area!