Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally a little fall decor.

***edited to add that I'm linking to Cottage and Vine's Falling Up Party***

I know.  I'm really behind the times.  Nester and her 31 days of baskets, i mean fall. If you're reading her, you'll get the joke behind the basket comment.  But I had a good reason. My camera crapped out and i struggled for a few weeks on whether to bite the bullet and buy the one i really wanted - because i really had a hard time choking down the cost.  But i also have a hard time replacing cameras every 3 years - and that's been the life span of my last 3 point and shoots so.... you know where this going, right? Let's just say i have pictures with this post today.

We have been really busy around here but a lot of what we've been busy doing doesn't warrant pictures.  Like, i know you really don't want to see the new enviro friendly flush system we installed on our toilet - so i'll spare you that.  Or the debris in the backyard from the oak tree V is in the middle of trimming.   Or the flooring that Vance installed in the attic so we could start putting boxes from our garage up there.  

Maybe i SHOULD show you - i would feel better thinking we are actually making progress here.  But those aren't the fun ones.  

Here are the fun ones :)

Remember when we took the first stab at the front door with paint, but i said there was more to come?  This is where it started originally...

and this is where we last left it...we hated those fake frosted panes from 1980.  Those had to go.  Vance wanted to just take a hacksaw to them and i was all like "sure...honey...." and worried that we would end up buying new doors after some botched murder job with a hacksaw.

And this is where we are today....and look....no door-icide....just pretty clear glass. Love that man.  

How do you like my Southern Living at Home baskets?  These are my absolute favorite accessory.  I stuff all kinds of things in there - the only thing is i need to put some felt on the back because they're already scratching up my paint and that's not gonna do.  

Here's a closer shot.  I love the frosted autumn fruit.

 I also did a little sprucing up on the inside and will do more this week...but this is good for starters.  I gave my candle a burlap snuggie and a fruit wrap.  Vance laughed. And then quickly said it looked awesome.  Smart man.

See that beautiful turquoise teapot? His mom sent that to us when Vance mentioned  i loved hot tea.  I love this piece.  I love the color, i love the bird on top. I just love it.  Very very pretty to me.  I think about her every time i sit down on the couch and see it - she's a very awesome woman and very talented writer. My mother gave us the serving tray last Christmas and it quickly became a favorite of mine as well - it's a great starter base for every season as well. Love me some neutral pieces that i can do a lot with.

That's it for now chickies.  More to come this week now that i have a camera and all ;0)


  1. Okay, you are so funny. Yes, I get the basket / Nester joke. Brill. Second, what kind of camera did you get? Third, that front door looks amazing! I need a tutorial because we have the same thing going on and I just wanted a new door - but your version is wonderful!!!!!! How in the heck did he do that??!!

  2. Hey girl! So fun to hear from you today! I have to say that this is hands down one of my favorite fall front doors that I have seen! It looks so gorgeous and I love how the cream looks up against the red! Awesome job!

  3. I love your doors red, Sheri! Your baskets on them look great and I like the clear glass on yours. Painting is as far as I will go on mine, as we are going on the market after the holidays.

  4. I love your front door! You need to link that to my fall party.

    Also the lights that you asked about are from Norwell. Here is the link http://www.norwellinc.com/products/maggie-sconce

  5. Megan - blogger ate my reply yesterday dangit! I fell prey to the seduction of the Canon Rebel. I think my wallet cried a little as i laid out the Amex. The length of the 2 inserts was the same length as one large insert would be (found that out by looking at doors at HD)so HD ordered them (they come framed already) for $50 a piece - CHEAP. Then Vance just took the jigsaw and cut straight across the top and bottom of the dividing piece. it truly was that easy. and popped the new windows in, and screwed them in. done in about an hour. give or take as he made the boys help. It's our own form of personal torture at our house. My neighbor calls it baptist boot camp and i think that's freakin hilarious.

  6. Vanessa - thanks! We have a lot more to do in the entry...but we've been a little busy (ahem..wink wink)

    Kathy - i don't blame you - do what you need to do and then move along! yours looked awesome.

    Rene - thanks for the light info - joined your party - didn't even see it last week. i must have had my head buried in the sand or something. love that sunroom. love it.

  7. I love your door redo. What a difference the new windows made. The baskets looks great hanging on them. I have used those clear plastic blobs that you just stick on to keep things from rubbing. Also keeps them from moving so much.

  8. Fabo red doors, Sheri! Now the entry makes a happy, bolder statement. And the ceramic teapot is a gorgeous piece. Very thoughtful gift.

  9. I am love love LOVING your red doors, especially with that fall decor! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  10. Hey Sheri, thanks for the info on the door! I am going to try & talk my hubby into it as his next project! Yea Canon Rebel! I am so happy we have the same camera! I still need to take a class or something...wish we could do it together!