Thursday, September 23, 2010

Falling in love with Fall. Now if i can find those boxes....

I want my front yard to look like this....complete with picket fence.   Isn't this just the sweetest pic ever?  I believe this was on the Southern Living website.  My girlfriend Susan has a sweet picket fence and has put her halloween decor out and mixed in the Southern Living touches - and it looks great.  I might have to ask her if i can post a few pics of her yard - it's awesome.

I haven't gotten that far yet.  I am still weeding through the moving boxes.  However - i will say that i have now taken 2 more car loads to goodwill, AND an entire trunk of canned goods, dry goods and misc items to the food pantry yesterday.  I finally have room to breath. I think it's the claustrophobic thing and being overwhelmed with all the crap in my house that is causing me to long for this in my backyard.  I feel my entire body relax when i look at this picture...(southern living again)

I will never have that slice of heaven - we don't have that kind of cash - but i know i could do something smaller, more appropriate for both my wallet and the house...i just need to convince my dad and hubby to be.  But i can do little things....  like this (country living)

or this... isn't this so simple and elegant? This came from a blog called My Cottage of's to die for.

I also love this....from Rate My Space...gorgeous. warm. cozy.

and while we're talking dining rooms - i realize this isn't fall-ish - but i am in love with these barley twist candlestick and honeycomb candles. sigh.  ignore the flowers and picture mums instead.

and just for good measure....let's not forget Halloween is around the corner!  This is the only picture i've seen that makes orange look good on a house! (Pottery Barn)

and because we're headed to Savannah in a few days...yes, again!!!!  I'll go all Paula Deen on ya  - Happy Fall Y'all!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Everytime folks post pics of fall inspiration it makes me want to start all over with my decor. Dangerous! I can't wait to see what you end up doing and especially want to see if you spray the heck out of those pumpkins you mentioned! :-)

  2. Oh, the picture of the outdoor fireplace is to die for!!!! But, I could do the candles and the that makes me feel better!!!!

  3. Bravo on all the donations and in getting the excess cleared out. Aaaaaah ... I'm sure it feels great! My home is getting a really good purging over the next couple of weeks. I'm not a seasonal decor type, but I'll be interested in seeing what you do. Have fun in Savannah!

  4. I love that orange door. I have a black door, but wish I could paint it a different color every season. If you ever get that outside fireplace set up, I'm coming over for a glass of wine.