Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Cheap Date

I know you thought I disappeared, but really, i'm just trying to knock out projects one at a time - and honestly, I've had more fun reading your blogs than crafting my own lately!  

However...  :0).........the man returns tonight after being gone all friggin weak AND my little children just left on a plane with their dad for the Westpoint game this weekend - which, sidenote, a tad jealous that the boys are running around NYC without me!!  Oh well.  Where was I?  Oh! We are child free this weekend and V is coming home - so i thought i would set a pretty table and get the playlist ready and have a little romance waiting on him when he returns!

So...i am linking over to Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursdays! I don't think I can remember ever participating in this blog party - not even on the old blog - but i thought it would be fun today.  This is in our sunroom.  Usually, where homework, PS2, and lately, talk about girls (i can't stand it) occurs when the boys are home.  This is their haven...but not tonight!

I see below that I really need to do something about that security sticker.  It's not necessary, and to be honest, kind of bugly.  Not familiar with that term? Butt UglySee, you learned something today.  I'm here to help.  I also see below that there are screw holes that need caps in the french window frames.  GAH.....another project.  WHEN DOES IT END GIRLS, WHEN??


All in all, I'm kind of pleased with my little impromptu soiree set up here.  If you're interested in the details - here they are:  The 3 votive glass candlesticks were in a set from Walmart for $6.97, as were the pumpkin spice votive candles for $0.99 each - and trust me when i say this - Walmart has the STRONGEST (better than yankee IMO) smelling fall candles around. I can't speak to the other scents - i haven't tried them - but the fall ones are all over my house - and they're $5 for the large jar.  

The orange plates - also Walmart from like 4 years ago.  The placemats and napkins were $2.00 a piece from there also - this week - and very cute!  Leaves....Michaels on clearance like 12 years ago. Not kidding - those stupid leaves have moved with me 4 times.  Iced Tea goblets...hold on to your seat...Target.  Yes, i left Walmart for Target.  But...these were also like 10 years ago.  Gosh, i'm beginning to think i have a very cheap, dated table!  Well at least the bowls didn't come from the bargain bin - those came from Pottery Barn a couple years ago.  on clearance. ahem.

So, we're having Lemon-Olive chicken, which when i type this, doesn't sound so good, but it is.  If you like lemons and olives. It's kind of Mediterranean. And i'm going to work on the playlist - I'm thinking some Corrine Bailey Rae, maybe some John Mayer or Jack Johnson...any suggestions? I love a good playlist for different events.

That's it sweets - I promise to get off my duff and post this weekend.

Oh - and for those of you doing the Fly Lady thing - it's entries and Dining Rooms this week - get on it girlies!


  1. Sheri! So fun to see this post from you! And bugly??? Well, that is now my new favorite word! :-) I love your tablescape and it looks so warm and like the perfect "Welcome Home" for your guy! I really love the napkins in the bowls and girl, my most favorite candle EVER is Wal-Mart's Mulled Cider!! Kindred spirits sister!

  2. The table setting is beautiful. I love those placemats. And the little squash and pumpkin in the bowls, such an adorable touch. I can honestly say that I have never gotten my table all set up for a romantic CHILD-FREE night with my hubby. But it sounds wonderful! If we ever do get a night alone, we usually go grab a bite to eat and pass out on the couch watching tv by 9 pm!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I simply used some glue and a staple gun (at the top) to recover those roman shades.


  3. Hi dear Sheri!

    Who tell you these are cheap? Love the all your pieces laid on your pretty table.

    Didn't you see that the colour combo goes well with your table/furnitures?

    Adorable, indeed.

    Keep it up, girl. Enjoy!!!

    Happy TS...
    Greetings from Stockholm,

  4. Romantic and so beautiful. I just love the color combination.

  5. A perfect setting for a romantic dinner a have a good eye for design...and the old stuff works every bit as well as new stuff would work. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  6. You are too good! My house could use a little quiet romance too! Looks great and I am loving seeing that new house of yours!

  7. Very warm and pretty! I hope you were able to enjoy your time without the fellas!!! As for the security sticker, I feel your pain! Better to have the sticker in your window than the burglar in your house, though! :-) Have a wonderful, romantic weekend!