Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Getting through.

I don't like surprises.  I hate the unknown.  I'm the girl who has a Plan A, B, C all the way to Z.  I am the one people come to so THEY can calm down.  I'm also the one that has anything on her that you might need at any given time - in my purse.  Ask anyone who sits around me at church. 

Crayons? got'em.  Tissues, pens, writing paper, gum, bandaid, hand sanitizer, camera (duh, i'm a blogger)...all in that huge mystery bag i carry around.

photo Country Living

So, when my future hangs in the balance with regard to my employment, i don't do so well.  And I don't have a back up plan because well, you know, jobs are hard to come by here in Florida where the unemployment rate is above the national average. 

                                                   Country Living, again.

Times are tough and have been for quite a while for quite a few people.  Including those on my team at work - some of them have only been working with us for a year or less - coming to us from being down-sized out of their previous employ.  Now we're going through it again. But no one is telling us anything yet, but to trooper on.  Keep your nose down.  Work until we tell you not to.  Don't get an attitude. Yea.

                                            CL again

It's scary, and quite frankly, it stinks.

And for the last 2 days, it's zapped every ounce of energy i have right out of my body.  Monday night, i sat on the couch and fell asleep before 8:30.  Then yesterday, Vance was hanging a curtain rod in our bedroom, and i sat down on the bed, and fell promptly asleep. (which, btw, wasn't such a bad thing since it was dinnertime and it got me out of making dinner.)  He woke me up at 7 and i'd been asleep for over an hour! WHO DOES THAT??????  i can't remember, aside from yesterday, the last time i took a nap.  

                                           Country Living

It's funny, i've always said if i had more time, if i didn't work, i would ...make jam.  bake more.  start quilting again.  (yes, i do know how to quilt).  My best friends have said that it wouldn't surprise them if they saw me selling vegetables and jam on the side of the road. That's the real me.  City girl stuck in this concrete city.   I just don't know if i'm ready for that.  I mean, i really like and need a paycheck.

Pray for me peeps. It's a bumpy ride.


  1. Thanks for my virtual hug this morning and now I'm hugging you sounds bumpy and scary and I can see how it would zap all of your energy. Wish I had some magic words to fix it all up neatly, but I don't. A wise woman once told me, "I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future." and I often say the same thing to myself when I feel uncertain. I will keep you in my prayers friend.

  2. Hi Sheri! Oh I hate living in "unknown town" is the hardest place to be. That is when trusting in the things that are never-failing can give us the assurance and peace we need in the midst of it all! Praying for you this morning, my friend! :-)

  3. Sheri,
    I am so sorry for all the twists and turns into who knows what. It is a horrible feeling. Especially for those of us that love order in the big picture.
    Will pray that the path becomes clear and straight.

  4. p.s.
    how cool is this? right after i prayed for you, i went to this blog:
    thought it might lift your spirits a bit!!

  5. hi guys - thank you so much for the words and prayers. (And lynn, that idea is too cute. i have a chalkboard in my kitchen, so i think i'm going to do that!)

    I've been so very blessed thus far and i'm thankful for all He's provided and Who he's provided (you guys included!).

    I will trooper on - and know that all things work together as the scripture goes :)

  6. I was unemployed for nine months last year. A wonderful, growth-filled, self-nurturing time! I mean, who gets to take nine months off from work as an adult? Unemployment doesn't pay much, of course, but I dialed back, cut out extras ... and enjoyed taking daily walks each morning, making new friends, having time to visit old friends or to be present for others in need. I cooked more, went to the library, visited family, learned how to make do with less and enjoyed the challenge.
    The layoff wasn't a total surprise, but I'm not one to worry about something that "might" happen; I'll worry when there's actually something to worry about. So release the worry if you can and trust that everything will be all right. I had full and complete trust in God's perfect plan for my life. He and I had different timelines for that plan to manifest, but it did manifest. Everything will be all right, Sheri. Fill your heart with trust and love. (And just empty out that worry; it's fear-based and doesn't serve you well.)

    Funny that you mention being a veggie seller would be natural for you. When I was unemployed, my friends said they could see me riding my bike to work in one of the local beach shops here and being perfectly content with less.

  7. Thanks Rose, i need the perspective. You are a very calming soul and i so much appreciate you.