Saturday, August 4, 2012

Running Away From Home

My house is a wreck.
I have dirty dishes from yesterday stacked in the sink.
I'm pretty sure I have an open bag of chips on the counter 
...and recycles that need to go in the bin
...but the bin is overflowing.
Again. dining room is still a construction zone.

It may be hard to tell we have made a lot of progress - so let me share.
It took 2 full days just to get the crown up.
We have some serious wall warpage that had to be accounted for.
14 feet off of the ground.
On a ladder that has really skinny rungs.
The poor hubs had very sore insteps for a few days. 

i tried at least 6, maybe 7, different paint colors.
The color you now see is SW Pearl something or other.
Which is a very coastal blue'ish gray.
And i love it!
I think I'm even going to keep the doors red!
I'm really liking how it looks. 

But, this week was a killer.
Pop Warner practice every day.
no joke.
I can't even go there in my mind right now.

So, we ran away.
This condo sits between the river and the beach.
This is my view this morning over coffee.
In about 10 minutes i'm walking out the front door to beachside.

Excuse me while i take mental health day, or 2.
Peace out!


  1. Running away sounds like the perfect respite and reward. Enjoy!

  2. Things in your dining room are looking good. I am knee deep in paint colors and saw dust and wish I was closer to the beach to run away! Enjoy friend!

  3. it's looking so great, Sheri!
    I can't wait to see more of it!