Friday, August 24, 2012

Dining Room Update!

Ladies, we have progress. By no means is it done so you aren't going to see a before/after reveal here but i do have pics of where we are!
What we still don't have:
  1. Cream Linen picked for back of chairs that flank the hutch
  2. Monogram custom designed by Savannah shop (in blue to match walls) on above said linen.
  3. oils or prints for above chairs that flank hutch (however, i am MUCH closer after visiting a local artist studio this week)
  4. Buffalo check fabric for curtains. Very very sad about that. So that is why you're seeing my old curtains back up on the rod.  That being said, i've had several people tell me that they like these curtains in there now with the paint. Go figure. 
  5. centerpiece/candlesticks for table
So without further adieu...pic overload only because i couldn't get one that wasn't fighting with the lighting in this room.

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  1. Pretty pretty progress! I think you are almost there! I love the paint color...tell me again what it is?

  2. The crown, wainscoting and wall Colorado look gorgeous! I think buffalo check would be a great look. What color?