Thursday, July 19, 2012

Husband vs. Designer

I married a man with, I have to say, pretty good taste.
He doesn't ask for a man cave.
He doesn't want to hang a neon bar sign anywhere in the house.
or even in the garage.
He understands that quality generally comes with a surcharge
on things like furniture.
And, if I mention I want something for the house, i don't get an eye roll, or 
a "we don't need that".
Instead, I get a simple "sure".

Yea, it could be worse.

That being said, tiny sirens should have gone off last weekend 
when i started to walk out the door to go fabric shopping, 
design board in hand, and
he said he was going.

I'm sorry, what?
I want to come.
You'll be bored.
No i won't, I want to see what Holly decided.

So...i show him her board 

She thinks we should break up this ginormous wall maybe like Emily did here...
But i'm afraid it's going to compete with the arches and the window..... 
Let's do wainscoting instead, like that one girl's blog you showed me...
I'm not sure, that's more work than I had planned.
It's definitely more formal...
(At this point, I'm like, what have i done....)
Right...but we need a more traditional look in there, not so....informal.
(what he means is cottage.  i heart cottage. He hates cottage and he's trying not to say that.)
Babe, it will achieve the same thing, trust me.
(fast forward an hour later and we are at Lowes, instead of Calico Corners)

So....this is where we are post -weekend...
And....i really am digging it.
I'll admit it.  It looks dang good.
And...yes, it does make me all squishy inside to know that 
he can do this stuff. 

Hoping to make some progress this weekend, like putty, sanding and painting.
Now...about that floor....

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  1. It's coming together!!!

    It looks great!!! I can't wait to see the new changes after the weekend....

    don't work too hard!