Monday, July 16, 2012

Today, I am

... working a 12+ hour day.

..Staring at my dining room that's torn apart (But i do have a roof, Megan!)

..Missing my colleagues that are no longer with our company, and feeling a little overwhelmed and sad all at once.

...wishing i could sleep half as soundly as my husband did last night.

...hoping my kids are enjoying camping this week, as much as I am enjoying NOT camping ;)

...going into the kitchen to refuel with more coffee...



  1. Missing you too... =(

  2. today...i am drinking coffee and then juicing my breakfast and then folding three loads of laundry and then going for a 2 hour play date with a friend and her little girls and then taking my oldest for math tutoring and then coming home and getting ready for friends to come over for dinner.

    whew~ i'm exhausted thinking about my day. i think i'll get another cup of coffee. :)