Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Getting over myself.

Hey chickies. :0)

Obviously, i have been a little absent from my blog - there's a lot going on in our household - a graduation, a graduation luncheon and the influx of multiple family members, a college orientation,  a move to said college, 2 birthdays, an end of spring football party, end of the year grade school parties, vacation, buying another house, oh, and of course, the wedding.  Which is getting lost in the importance of all of our children's plans. And, that is more than fine by me.  At this point, our pastor in our living room, in shorts doing the job is looking pretty good.

But one thing i have been faithful on, if it's not writing, is talking to and spending time with God.  My schedule is slipping daily, but at some point, i am stopping and thanking God for the absolute purest joy He has given me amid this chaos of our lives right now.

I wrote a post awhile ago on my old blog about how i wished for "instant gratification" or "immediacy" from God.  Forget this patience crap.  I.WANT.WHAT.I.WANT.NOW.  Do you know the feeling?  I have found that God always answers you, but in His time, His way, and His answers - whether or not we agree or like them.

I was reading Lysa's blog today about "breaking bad", if you haven't stopped by there - i encourage you to do so, because she is an amazing sister of faith that we can all relate to.  Her post was about losing your cool over things that you should just let it go and find the joy in the situation instead.  I was there this week.

The ex and I had a misunderstanding about my youngest son's birthday festivities. I immediately went to the vault of stored up anger, hurt, resentment, and blame that I promised God I would leave behind.  There were words said, crying jags and lots of "well OF COURSE"'s going on. And at some point, i looked at the devotional sitting on my desk, and remembered my promise to God - the one I had just broken.  And...the waterworks started again.  I  took a breath, and just prayed to God, asking for forgiveness, asking him to fix this problem. I prayed for peace between my ex and I on this stupid, small argument that i let get out of hand.

Girls, within 15 minutes, my email chimed as a new message came in, from my ex - an apology.  A heartfelt, sincere apology, and an offer to resolve the conflict. To type that it was out of character is not fair to my ex, but i will say that apologies are not handed out easily between the two of us.  That was nothing short of being spirit led.

It was a good reminder of something I have read in the past from Kristin Armstrong's book "Happily Ever After".  She said she was once told to "triangulate" - take what you cannot resolve directly with someone to the Lord and allow Him to resolve it for you.

I will leave you with her bible verse on that subject.  Happy happy Wednesday girls!

If it is possible, as far as it depends on YOU, live at peace with everyone. - Romans 12:18


  1. Like always, just when I need to hear something, there you go. Thank you, friend ....

  2. Thank you for my daily dose of truth. Life is so crazy, May is such a busy month. Your post reminded me that I need to be spending time with the only one who can bring peace to my life. Hope you are having a peaceful, wonderful day!

  3. This is a beautiful post written from your beautiful heart. God moved in me through what he did for you. Thanks for sharing.

    forgiveness is sweet to the soul.