Saturday, January 14, 2012

This is going to be the slowest project ever.

Oh, the bathroom.  How you mock me.

Ok, after bumping around Pinterest and finding those great images - I couldn't stop getting ideas, right? So... I ended up at Sand and Sisal's house and found her bathroom reveal, which led me to her kitchen island update....all of which ended up sending me straight to Home Depot that afternoon.  I mean, looks too cute, right??  I thought, how great would this look on that weird vanity edge in the boys' bath -

I knew i had left over beadboard from the bath wall update....but that would require going into the garage and actually finding it.  That garage is a scary place. So scary that the husband refuses and if i want something in there it's up to me or the boys.  Actually only one boy, the other sides with Vance and refuses to go in there.  Even for his bike.

Aha! It's here!  (Can you see it?...No...not the drywall...the other thing...and yes, that's the bike in question hiding underneath.)

Ok.  Got the beadboard.  Need me a newel post...this is usually where i lose steam on a project...but no...GOT IT.

Man, that looks BIG.  (Insert, yea, that's what SHE said.  SORRY I COULDN'T RESIST)

Dang it. Now i have to find the saw in the garage.  Wish me luck....


  1. Love it. Good things can come out of our time reading blogs, I just know it!

  2. Are you still working on this? Trapped under something heavy?
    Miss you friend...