Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Day in My Life - yesterday, to be exact.

On Walker's door.  
My dad bought it for him on a Home Depot trip, along with a restroom sign that is now stuck to the middle of his bathroom door.  
They think they're funny, those two.  
When i went in to wake him up, he didn't even open an eyeball. 
Just pointed to the sign and said " I believe I said I'd be back at 8:30".  
Smarty pants.

 Behind my car seat.  
What, doesn't everyone drive around with an electric hedge trimmer and miles of cord?

Trying to catch a wasp in the house.
There are no other words.
It is what it is.
My hibiscus that is just out of control right now.


  1. I need one of those signs for the kitchen. Regarding your car... um, what have you been up to?!

    Do you fertilize your hibiscus? Mine look anorexic.

  2. It looks scary doesn't it? I probably should not speed while that's sitting there.

    We were doing some yard work at our cash-sucking-rental-house - and it broke so i've got to take it to be fixed. obviously i haven't made the time yet to actually DO that.

    I ignore it. And it thrives.

  3. I hate wasps. Hate. They are the reason I am home schooling. Well, one of the reasons. My daughter's classroom at school is infested with them and she is terrified every single day to go to school. Maybe I need one of Vance's contraptions. Does it work? No one here is bothered by them...

    I like your hibiscus. And your stash in your car. Now that I know a little about your Dad, it doesn't surprise me.

    p.s. A mouse ran under our table tonight at dinner. Lord, I hope it was a mouse.

  4. And I LOVE your new header. Big love.