Friday, June 10, 2011

10 on 10

I'm doing that 10 on 10 thing today....except - this is awesome - i have no idea who started it.  I know my VBFF does it...except she is mysteriously silent today..... and i'm also joining the women at the Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday - as this 10 on 10 idea did "inspire" me to use that expensive camera more. Ten pics on the 10th of the month.  This has been a great way to archive memories - without getting too burdened down with scrapbooking. we go!

I think I should call this "Sun rise through dirty window" - but i didn't want to stop and clean the window before i capture the gorgeous color of the morning.  I love this time of day.

 "You had better have good reason for waking me tuna...not that dry crap you've been feeding me."

One of us graduated from elementary school!! One of us felt tortured sitting through the ceremony.
We played the last baseball game of the season, got our trophy bats and celebrated with good friends.
We put together fancy straws....
....and got cute lei's for a Bunco (Bunko?) Luau....
We gave our last speech of the year on famous Floridians - Lue Gim Gong - the horticulturist who developed the Valencia orange! (Ask me all about...i promise you i know more than the average bear about this person)

We scowled at mom who was trying to take our picture when all we want to do is watch our brother's last game...
We broke in the pool!
 and...we sat in our yard and stared up at this beautiful specimen - isn't she gorgeous?  There are worse views.


  1. Sherri,
    What fun photos! Interesting idea, 10 on 10. Looks like you have had a lot of fun things going on! What adorable boys you have!

  2. Yea! You totally did it! I just love you VBFF. You complete me. Elementary school graduation...ah, did you cry? Now how about a Bunko post? How did it go?

  3. It looks like ya'll are having fun...I love your header!