Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Entry Pictures - A Work In Progress

Is it just me? Am I the only person who looks around and finds the HARDEST way to do a project?  

It's been a pain in the youknowwhat.  

Couldn't find a ledge to fill the expanse of the wall.
Dear man tells me - "I'll build it".
Sarah paints it.
Found hooks.  Too tall.
Found new hooks.  Too big. (But ohmyword so very pretty. cry.)
Found New new hooks.  Too twisty. Yes, twisty.
Found the RIGHT hooks. Didn't come with screws.
Found screws - TOO BIG FOR HOLES AND THE WERE THE SMALLEST LOWES AND HD HAD IN BLACK.  Yes, my typing DOES indicate i lost it right.about.here.
Wonderful man bores existing holes to make them larger because wife is crazy.
Hang ledge. Top is flush.  Bottom half is surfing out into the foyer. That's not gonna work.
Wonderful, now irritated man, takes down ledge and shaves top half to be equal with bottom so entire ledge lays flush against wall.

All is well.  Until pictures fall off and smash to the floor.

    Isn't she pretty??? i heart her. 

 I need to rub a darker stain on the frames - but these were a deal so I picked them up - for $3 a piece at Sears a few weeks back.  Exactly what i wanted, just a tad too orange brown.

Also, i have picked the pictures out but they need to be printed out in black and white - i think color pics wouldn't look right...? 

He did awesome. I am so very proud of this sweet wonderful man that told me without any sighs "sure i'll build that for you." And he did.  And i absolutely love it.

Ignore that stack of boxes in the DR corner, and the broom.  I have some wrapping to do and for whatever blessed reason, the boys have not realized that some of their Christmas is right there, under their nose.  

I still need a rug.  
I would really like an antique, aged bench.  
And some roman blinds.
And the door still needs to be painted. I bought the paint - does that count?


  1. Buying paint DEFINTELY counts!! Gosh, when I think of all the things I've got done just by buying the paint and imagining the rest!!

    Poor you, this sounds so stressful. I'm so glad it all came good in the end.


  2. For some reason your pictures aren't loading. I keep refreshing, but they won't load. I'm dying to see what your husband built. I hope you are having a great week Sheri.