Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dinner Preparations

all photos courtesy of County Living

Are you ready for Easter? I am. Well, mentally anyway :)  We have a gazillion different events going on this week.  I just handed the boys to their dad for the next few days and Vance and I are heading to West Palm Beach until late Saturday and I was still crazy enough to invite family over for Easter dinner after church.  I can't help it.  I survive on chaos and caffeine lol.

Isn't that picture so soothing to the soul above? We'll be eating on the porch as well provided the weather is as nice as it has been lately.  Isn't this the sweetest?  I think i might have to do this one...

I love a beautiful table although I'm just getting the hanging of 'table-scaping' myself.  I tend to be a little more rustic than Sandra whatshername on Simply homemade...i gravitate towards simplicity over elegance...or maybe elegance in the cans sprayed a cool spring blue and celadon green.  Makes my heart sing, people.

Happy Easter loverlies.  What does your easter look like?


  1. is this YOUR table?? it's beautiful! i like the top one, too, of course..

    and i had family in WPB. on rare occasion, we were lucky enough to visit for easter! hope you have a lovely!

  2. oh my goodness no. I aspire to that table though! (Does that count?) I'm going to throw some of the influences around if i'm not busy chasing the boys, cooking dinner, setting the table - you know, the usual ;)

  3. beautiful images! Thank you for sharing! Happy Easter! ~lulu