Thursday, November 10, 2011

9 on 11

I know that for those that play this game, this is supposed to 10 on 10, and done yesterday, the 10th.  

But I forgot until I read Megan's post - and thought - i have some peace and quiet so let me do this now....

Ok...possibly the sweetest baby ever - their baby half-brother.  He was dressed as a cow for halloween.  I could eat this boy up - just look at him.

and all 3 of them before we headed out to the costume contest...Nick was more interested in the grass :)....which is fitting for a cow i guess.

Ah, the pantry.  I show you this only because it doesn't look like this anymore.  My one and only looked at it on Sunday and said "ENOUGH"....bless his heart.  Yep, those are bags of chips on the floor, among Crisco and the mixers.  We have all angles covered I think.

And here is where we are now with this project

Ok, just kidding. We're further than that.  Look, recycle bin in the middle.  Cubbies for cat food and bins that still need shelves to the right and left to put more stuff.  Momma's a happy girl.

 Late work night dinner.  In bed.  Don't judge.  I had been starting at spreadsheets all day, talking to 2 different IT teams and i was needing comfort wherever i could get it.  Sushi, wine, laptop and bed.

The aforementioned spreadsheets.  GRRRRrrrrrr.

 My young men - look how they love each other LOL.
and, the last one...sweet child running to first last week. Too busy watching where his ball ended up instead of toward 1st base. 

I forget about doing this and i need to be better than that - it's a great way to update loved ones near and far.  This is for Mom and Dad, and Mom and Joe.  See you soon...


  1. 9 on 11 - I'll take it! Love your days, but not that you were still working so late. Your pantry looks amazing! That hubby is an amazing man, I tell you and the boys are looking dashing as ever. And I love letters Sarah made...awesome.

  2. p.s. LOVE the new header. The kid's just memorized that poem!

  3. Adorable kids! You reminded me I have to clean my pantry - ughh. I guess I should do it before I have 25 people over for Thanksgiving. It's always fun when you open the door and something falls on you in front of company! Thanks for swinging by to see my dining room. Enjoy the rest of your week!