Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Walker Story - for Rose.

A friend from blogs past stopped by and visited and asked for this story, and to be quite honest, I had never even thought about posting it until the beach story a few days back.  So, here it is.

When my boys were 2 and 3 (Walker is the oldest) we lived on Hibiscus Avenue in Winter Park.  It's a quaint, brick street - the houses were a hodge podge of old and new, and it's lined with oaks and a few maples. Our house sat a few houses from the end of the street, and our backyard backed up to the cemetery.  We had a huge (i'm talking HUGE) front porch with a swing that the boys and I would gather on daily. I really really loved the house.  But this isn't about the house - sorry - forgot a bit about that darn swing!

Anyway, my ex's grandfather was in that cemetery - and you could see his grave from our backyard.  Now, for some of you, that may be creepy.  In the south (maybe in the north too - not sure?)  - some of us which have family plots on our homesteads, it's not creepy - it's comforting.  And we bought this house pretty much for the reason that we could walk out of our house and go tend that grave - my ex is very close to his family and his grandfather died a few months before our wedding.  So, to us, it was kind of kismet.

One day, they boys were in the playroom, and Marty was sitting in his desk in his office off of the playroom, and Walker turned to the corner of the office and said "Hi." - to the corner/wall.  We turned and only saw well, the corner and the wall.  He kept staring at the corner and then said "ok, bye." and toddled back into the playroom.  

Marty looked at me, and then asked Walker who he was talking to.  Walker pointed to the corner and said "that man".  Marty said there's no one there.  Walker looked at his daddy, and said "yea, that man. He's waiting on great grandma."

Great grandma was older and in failing health at the time, and later that week fell very ill and unfortunately did pass away within a very short time - i can't remember, maybe a few weeks, a month?

I carry that story with me because i know in my heart that Marty's grand-daddy, waiting on his wife. No doubt in my mind.  Kindred spirits, truly.


  1. Wow, Sheri that is awesome! I have heard that kids are more open to those experiences than us jaded grown ups! When my Grandmother passed away my 2 year old nephew had several of those moments. Just goes to show us that there is plenty going on out there while we are unaware!

  2. I read this, Sheri, when you posted it and forgot that I hadn't commented. First, thank you for sharing! It's such a beautiful, loving story. Of course, Walker say his great-grandad. How I wish that we didn't lose that ability to see on both sides. Kids are so beautiful and open and uncluttered. As we grow older, we tend to see only the physical body and not the soul energy as clearly. But kids can see the soul energy so wonderfully and honestly. What a gift! A gift to see, a gift to share in the love of a man waiting for his beloved wife, and a gift to all your family, reinforcing that we are eternal souls who have a body for a short period of time. Thank you for the story!