Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The beach at night and odd happenings

One of the best things about living on the west coast of Florida (even if it is temporary) is that we can get up after dinner, and walk a block to the beach for sunset.  Yea, I'm bragging.  Let me do it while I can.

It was overcast and drizzly all day. Not fun at all for the boys, and to keep them from killing each other, I decided rain or not, we were burning off some steam at the beach.

I'm sorry, but even the beach in crappy weather is still amazing.  The gray and blues and creams are so soothing.  The boys ran into the water, which is already as warm as bath water now and I sat down with my camera to do some people watching and picture snapping.  Last year we caught Cameron Diaz at the ice cream shop. Her aunt lives on the island and people see her all the time here.  No such luck yet this summer.

 There is always at least one, maybe 2 groups, having their family photos done at sunset.  And here is the obligatory white shirt and denim group shot we caught tonight. Or as our teenager referred to them "The walking cliche".  I still thought it was great that they got a really big group together - that's so hard to coordinate with only 5 of us, i can't imagine orchestrating this...

But the coolest thing we saw tonight was this group of people that had gathered on the beach for a memorial service of one of their family members.  We watched them pop open bottles of champagne, and then one by one, each of them took turns speaking about his life and the effect he had left on them.  We weren't snooping - we were there first - they literally set up maybe 10 yards in front of my chair.  You could have knocked me over with a feather when i looked at the monitor on my camera after i took the pic...

People...that isn't a flash light, or a shrimping boat...i do believe they had a "guest" attend his own service.  It was such a sweet ceremony, i'm sure he was pleased.  

Linking to Melissa's "Inspired By" Fridays - what is more inspiring than signs of God, as my blogger friend Megan's says?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The next big project...a blank slate for Inspired Fridays

Before i get to what that is, can i just say that it's beyond absurd how happy i am that i actually get to go outside today? 

Like, walk out the door and get in a car and go somewhere? I've been like a caged animal in this townhouse.  

Vance is out of town, the boys are at their dad's, and i was looking forward to some pool time.  

Unfortunately, Mother Nature did not agree with my plans.  Everyday, after work, precisely at 5:05 the sky has let out and squashed my plans.  There is no screened porch here so i can't even fake a good outside spell. CAGED ANIMAL.  

But i'm going to get my hair highlighted after work come heck or high water. And the high water will probably come.  but i'm still going outside. dangit.

OK. where was i?? OH! The project.  Here she is :)  

Meet Willow.  Our new-to-us house. If we ever close, but that's a post for a different day.  

We named her Willow because Willow is in the street name, and well, i like it and she needed a name.

There is LOTS to be done. There always is. New or old. She's not new, she's young. 11 years old i think.  and we have some repairs to do.  But that's ok.  She was great value for the money.  

Here are the pics mostly from the realtor site.
This is the view walking in the front door. Like I said, a lot of work :)  They closed in the porch - so we have to improve that "improvement" by taking it back to being a porch.  And i'm not sure about those scrolly things.  Makes me think of spider webs. And that isn't light affecting the floor - those are really 3 different floor tiles all in one space.  Continuity was not the previous owner's concern i guess. To each his own. LOL.

Here is the  I have a galley kitchen now - so i feel like won the jackpot here.

I have big plans for this space ;0)...  this is the master bath...again, big plans people, big plans. Love those hollywood makeup lights.  Great for playing dress up. Wait, i think that came out wrong.

but the biggest reason we decided on this house?....this....
yea. me too. 400 acres of a private lake for our subdivision.  This place rocks.  

Linking to Melissa over at the Inspired Room for Inspired Fridays :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday - Welcome Back Summer!

I'm linking up with Darcy again this week with a photo that i took on our very last trip to the beach last summer.  All i could think when i saw how my camera had captured it, was what my son (running to the water) must have been thinking. "WAIT SUMMER...COME BACK!!!".  I feel that way every summer!  Unfortunately, it was snapped with my phone so the quality is very poor.... if anyone knows how to get this pic cleaned up and enlarged - i would be forever grateful...

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm going to a party - wanna come?

I'm heading over to Cottage and Vine's Five Favorites linky party today.  We're supposed to show off the 5 make up items we can't do without. So, here we go...  ( I know, you're dying to know how i get so beautiful normal looking, when i start out looking like Bill the Cat when i wake up, right?) 

Before:                                                      After:

No, seriously, i do look that bad when i get up.  No, that's not Cameron Diaz, that's me - but how very sweet of you to notice we DO look alike!  GAAH. fine. that's not me. But she has great hair and cheekbones.

Well, first - right out of the shower i reach straight for this:  I have used every expensive thing out there people. I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm vain. Yes, it's a sin. I ask for forgiveness every day. But they will have to pry this out of my cold.dead.hands. LOVE THIS STUFF

After i spackle my face, it's on to paint.

Another wondrous invention of some chemistry geek that i was too stupid to pay attention to in high school and is now super rich (or should be because this stuff RAWKS) is this:

It has light reflecting pieces in there that settle into your fine lines and reflect back so it APPEARS you have less lines. Yea, not giving this up either.  (Cold.dead.fingers.)

The eyes. I hardly ever (NEVER) wear eyeshadow, but i don't leave the house without mascara.  This makes my miniscule, limp eyelashes a mile long and doesn't cake. Unless it gets old. Then you need to ask yourself why're holding on to it in the first place. Toss it when you start to look like your wearing tarantulas on your eyelids. Not a good look.  Unless you happen to be going to a halloween party maybe.

Now this is where i run out of money and resort to drug store stuff. Ok, not really. But everything doesn't have to come from a department store to be good.  Hence, this stuff.  I never never never EVER use salon grade products. Did i say EVER?  My baby fine hair needs whatever this PANTENE line puts in their cheap
inexpensive volumizing line.  I use everything and my hair looks amazing, if i do say so myself.  See pic above.

And while i'm there - i pick up this stuff. Suns not good for you, have you heard? Sigh. What's a native floridian to do if not lounge at the beach and soak up some rays?  We use blush as bronzers.  This works like a charm and looks like i spent just enough time in the sun to be a little sun-kissed.  In petal. Just awesome blossom.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're OUT!

Bye House :(  

I'm going to miss you.  You are an awesome house.  You helped me heal.  I found myself again here. I learned that i can be alone and not fall apart. totally.  I learned I can be 2 parents if i need to be.  My boys learned mommy can smile and laugh after all.  And that it's ok to cry sometimes too.  I was at peace here.  I fell in love again here. You provided my foothold again. God blessed us here.

The boxes are packed in the PODs (it took 2 of the largest ones - where did I get all of this stuff??). The PODs have left my driveway, and the keys are in my renter's hands.  I'm officially homeless until we close on the new house in July.  

For the last week I have been living on an air mattress in my living room while misc. crap was packed into boxes and put into ginormous PODs.  We didn't take time off from work to move out - so we packed before work, on lunch, and after work until midnight over the last few days.  Everything i have hurts.  So far this week I...
  •  Dropped one of those big rubbermaid plastic storage bins down the side of my leg and took the skin off down my shin. OUCH.
  • Attempted to do my own dental re-work by using a hand truck to move boxes out of the house and when it got stuck on the threshold i tugged, the handle came OFF OF THE HANDTRUCK AND FLEW BACK AT ME - hitting me square in the mouth.  I look like i went 3 rounds in a cage match and lost.
  • Wrenched my back out trying to get a really heavy box on top of a stack of 4 other boxes taller than me.  
I am glad it's over. you don't even know, sisters.  Seriously, i am NOT moving us IN.  I'm writing a check.

I'm off to our next adventure....xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Using one picture to sum up your style

Joining From The Right Bank's challenge to find a picture that sums up the essence of your style.

A lot of people may find this difficult.  Not me.  I have been saving a picture forever that i grabbed off of HGTV "Rate My Space".  This woman designs her rooms just for me i think. They are, hands down, the perfect blend of coastal elegance and comfort.

I want to entertain in this space. I want to read in this space. I want to nap here.  I'm off to find the link to her RMS page so that you all can enjoy more of her work.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sometimes you

Close the laptop.  Turn off the phone.  or in my case right now, slap a moving label on one last box, and just head to the beach.

i know at least two boys that agreed with me. The big one said something like "REST?? Have you looked at the calendar? These PODs aren't going to pack themselves you know!!!"

I'm just joshin'.  The big one actually suggested that i take the boys off to blow off some steam because they had been such troopers helping with the packing for 2 days.  (I think he was kind of happy to be able to work in peace for a few hours).

. Look at this smile.  Be still my heart.  Summer lovin'.  Definitely.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What our life is about right now...

A little of this....

and some of that...

and just because i want you to feel better about your house... a TON of this...

uhm...yea. This is what moving is like in our house.  Did you catch the 3 bottles of syrup on top of the one stack of boxes in the middle picture? Just.not.normal people.  I really have to start checking the pantry before i run to Publix.  

Yes, that is a tiara wand on my bathtub. No i don't have small girls in the house. It is mine.  Yes, i can explain. It was a gift to go with my tiara. Of course.  

And one fake boob also laying on the tub. I did have two.  It's part of those falsie things that you can use in place of a bra that stick to you skin so if you have a backless dress it holds the girls up and in place. Keepin it classy.  While keeping my diet coke in arm's reach.  

I'll be back soon...pray for my sanity.  I'm moving 3 cats, 2 boys, 1 teenager/adult and one man and i'm barely keeping it together.  As the bathroom pictures suggests.  Just sayin.